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‘I’ve been in business for
30 years now.

I mean business in the true sense of the word “relations for the exchange of goods, services, values”, and also figuratively in terms of “social relations”. For me, they go hand in hand.

In 1990, after my initial experience in the world of trade and industry, I decided to change course and I developed a consultancy firm for retail property, I.D.G., which soon became a leader in the sector for Belux.

With the advent of major international groups, the profession became more professional and stood out by taking a different, more creative and more “tailored” approach.

In 2006, with a team of around twenty people, I.D.G. joined CBRE, world leader at the time.

After just over two years, I felt that I was no longer in step with the diktats of the large corporations and decided to regain my independence, founding Retail Partners.

The launch was absolute: we are still in the top group in Belgium, we have our own specific characteristics: we work in a more intimate and personal manner but with real operational knowledge of the market. Our approach attracts the brands, investors and developers to whom we offer our services.

Today, Retail Partners is more invested and stronger than ever in its niche in professional retail property (all sectors), it provides its expertise, skills and relations developed over the years to national and international brands, striving for excellence in both what it offers and its service.”

Charles Luel - CEO

Our References

Charles Luel, a long career…
From I.D.G. and CBRE to Retail Partners, he realized several projects.


A certain philosophy

What separates Retail Partners from the rest can be summed up in two words: choice and creativity.


is the development of real estate strategies which are different each time and perfectly tailored to the needs/desires of the partners involved. Based on our long-standing experience and our operational knowledge of the market, inspired by the concept of ‘tailor-made’, our personalised pproach is a guarantee for success as demonstrated by our track record in recent years.


is how we carefully select the customer to whom we are going to offer our services, based on our complete faith in the project and the potential partnership in light of our own abilities.

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Retail Partners specialist in business asset operations and business real estate, has been expanding significantly in recent years. We invite you to discover the ‘Enterprise and Trade’ positions and to join us in order to develop a joint professional project together.

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